Monday, 27 August 2012

me and Her(Story One)

    I closed my eyes and She opened Hers. The world was colorful and new and filled with things She had never seen before. She wanted to reach out and touch everything but I had to get home so we just walked. She was looking around trying to saver every site, every sound. There were some low branches and She reached an touched the leaves. Then She turned to me and asked me what they were called. I told Her. The word started swirling in Her mind and i could hear Her quietly repeating it to herself.
    We walked some more. I was starting to feel tired and She wanted to run. That was a bit of a problem because we shared the same pair of legs.
    "Come on, lets dance" She said to me and started singing. I didn't want to but this was Her time and I had to at least give Her that.
    She sang and she danced for a while and then I had to sit down. She couldn't understand why. She stared for a while blankly at things and decided she doesn't like the guy who just passed by us. After a few more minutes of rest I was finally able to get up.   
      She closed Her eyes. I opened mine. My body was aching all over. My head was spinning a little. I was exhausted but I was happy. Because She got to see a bit of the world with Her own eyes.

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  1. This will turn into an interesting story about schizophrenia and violence. You should make them solve crime. Get to it.