Monday, 27 August 2012


    Magic is in the air tonight. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this.
    I was getting home from work and saw there were a lot of people in the local pub which was unusual for a Sunday. I stopped to talk to the people and learned that they were all gathered to celebrate the birthday of the deceased father of one of the women. It was a sort of memorial to a wonderful man. I don't believe I met him but I felt from the emotions of everyone else that he was(and still is wherever he may be) a great, kind man.
    I sat there with everyone else and even though I didn't quite fit in with this crowd I felt this is where I ought to be right now. Somewhere around two AM we all got up and went to one of the neighbourhood's playgrounds to light up a Chinese flying lantern.
    It did not go without it's difficulties.
    Everyone wrote or drew something on the lantern and even though everyone was being careful at the end there was a hole in it. We patched it up and for a moment that seemed to be the only bump in the road.
    There was almost no wind the entire evening until we tried to light up the lantern. The wind suddenly picked up at that moment and the thing almost burned before it even got the chance to take of. But with some duct tape and a little bit of acrobatics it was finally set flying. It started drifting directly at one of the nearby buildings. I gathered all strength I had and willed the winds to change the lantern's course. After that it flew higher where it got caught in some strong currents and soon after it caught fire and slowly started descending. I ran in an attempt to see where it would fall. I failed but the running stirred my blood. I saw it was falling to fast and the it was still on fire so i focused my energy on it and the flames quickly died out.
    This was a magical night. Not just because of all the people gathered there and the incredible sense of love and kindness that flowed from them, not just because I managed to will the winds for the first time in a long time but because of all of it. For one brief moment when that lantern took flight the entire world held it's breath and stood in awe of this amazing moment of true love, belief and unity.
    When the moment passed I found myself wanting to share it all with the world. I wanted to reach out to every soul out there and make them feel what me and the rest of the people there felt. I wanted to give a piece of this magic to everyone.
    It was a magical night and it makes me think there are a lot more to come in the near future. Will you share the next one with me?

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