Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Spring rain

 I love the world after the rain.
  Everything is sparkling in the sunlight which has suddenly broken trough the clouds. The sent of wet trees gently tingles the tip of my nose and a light wind caries little drops of rain from the leafs to my face.
  I like to take long walks after the rain and take in the freshness. There are very few people out - most people hate to be out when it's cold and wet. I find it somewhat poetic and very pleasant.
  The sun slowly pushes trough the clouds as I take my first steps in to the forest. It's as if an enormous, magnificent creature is awakening and spreading it's wings over the world filling it with joy. It's the birth of a brand new world. Everything is cleaned, the darkness and coldness of Winter have been washed away by the spring rain. The world is clean again and ready to start anew. Life is boiling under the ground rushing trough the trees and in my veins. 
  I walk trough the woods and feel like I'm a part of them, their roots are mine, I drink the sunlight trough their leafs. The world is beautiful and for the first time this year I feel at peace. I, like the trees have been washed by the spring rain and I'm ready to blossom again.