Thursday, 23 February 2012

A song

The day is at it's end when finally we arrive. I step out of the car, leave the rest to deal with settling in and with the luggage and I start to run. The breeze welcomes me with a suffocating hug and almost stops me in my tracks but I keep running.
  Finally I'm here. I tear my shoes off my legs and bury my bare feet in the sand. Slowly, savoring every little moment I walk towards the water until I'm up to my knees in the water. The end of my skirt is wet but I don't care. I'm here.
  I close my eyes and breath in deeply. Then I start to sing. A song to say "Hello". After my voice fades I start to listen. The sea sings back, welcomes me and gently caresses me with it's beauty. I stay like that, listening, until it's dark, until my feet are icy cold and my stomach hurts from hunger. I then say goodnight and go to the hotel.
  Even then, behind the walls I can hear the song.
  Even when I go home, away from the shore, I can still hear the song.
  The song that the sea sings.
  My song.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"Moments" part 1

  I love this place. It's peaceful and magical. And mine.
  I take a deep breath and make that first step. Once my foot is on the ground it's like I'm suddenly electrified. I feel light. Suddenly everything is better, every sorrow is far away. I'm safe. I'm home.
  I start to walk. I don't need light because I know every inch of this place. There's only silence, peaceful silence.
  You were there too. In those first moments when I walked in I had forgotten. There were others too. But they didn't matter.
  All that mattered was the cool and a bit moist air, the ground below, the gentle embrace of the sequoia behind my back.
  And your voice. You! I felt happy and less alone. There and then I knew I had found a friend that I would like to keep forever. There's just something so beautiful about you. Magical.
  It was an amazing night, warm and enchanting.