Thursday, 27 June 2013

When a night is beautiful...

There was a soft voice calling from afar: “Wake up!”
        And She did, just to hear the storm coming. The rain slowly picked up just as She was opening Her eyes. And then the first lightning struck and the thunder echoed in Her heart. The wind gently moaned and so did She.
            She curled up making a cute animal like noise then uncurled clawing gently at the sheets. There was a smothered laugh and a warm hand pulled her in for a hug. She smiled. She liked the feeling of naked skin against Hers.
                                      She fell asleep listening to the sounds of the storm….
    When the alarm went off I woke up. And so did She. She had to tell me all about the stormy night. We lay with our eyes closed for a while and then we got up to make coffee.
    Later, with a hot cup in one hand and a cigarette in the other we looked at the world outside. The air was cool and fresh from the rain; we had a jazzy soundtrack to our morning. She smiled happily and our heart fluttered like that of a little child on the first day of summer vacation waiting to run out and play. Neither one of us knew why the night and the morning were so magical and beautiful but we were glad.
                            We heard the door open behind us. She fell asleep again….

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Just a little thing

 Up, higher, climbing. At first I was afraid. I had forgotten how to do this. There was a time when nothing came easier but today those first steps were harder then ever. I was so afraid. I thought about going back but then....I used to do this so often when I was young. I wanted to fly again.
     So I pushed on, climbing, the ground benŠµath my feet was soft and crumbling and I thought that this might be my last day on this planet. There was nothing between me and a long tumble downhill that could have been my death.
  I reach toward a tree and grabbed on to the trunk.
 And then all the fear was gone. A sudden surge of energy and certainty rushed trough me, filled my head and released my feet from the grip of death. I walked faster, still climbing, higher and higher, reaching for branches and trees, they held me in their arms.
  I was seven again. The woods were mine and there was nothing that could harm me, nothing that could stop me. But then....I wasn't seven. I am 21. But the woods are still mine like they've always been. And that made me even happier.
 And then I got to the top of the hill. There was a little secluded meadow full of flowers and little trees and insects. It seems no one had been here for a long time. The sun shone above and the sky was a warm blue. I felt like I was flying, soaring above the mountaintops and the beating hart of the mountains was merged with mine.
I stood there for a while, lost in the sensations. Just me and Nature.
   Then I started my journey back. My feet were light and I barely needed to look where I was stepping. The trees held me, the rocks gave me foothold.
Me and Nature. That's all there was.

Saturday, 2 February 2013


"There she goes again, that crazy girl from the top floor"
 I heard her words but I did not mind them. Humans will be humans. What do they know.
 I walked right under her window. She lived on the second floor of my building and always kept watch on who came in and who came out. She had nothing better to do.
 Many times I've felt her gaze on my back as I walked away late in the evening - barefoot and dressed in nothing but a light white dress, even in the coldest winter. And each time a part of her came with me although she was unaware of it.
 Again I walked slowly towards the woods. The moon hidden behind thick clouds. The wind - cold and sharp like a silver blade. And again - a part of the woman from the second floor came with me.
 She was old.
 - It's time - I told her when I got to my sacred place. - You have to move on.
 As I said this the woman appeared in front of me. A ghost.
 - What is going on? How did I get here? - she asked, a bit hysterical.
 - You are dead. It's your time. I will lead you to the next world.
 Her eyes widened as she saw my wings spread from my back and shine in the dark of the forest like a wildfire. I took her hand and smiled. Humans will be humans. They would never believe that a crazy girl could fly.