Saturday, 2 February 2013


"There she goes again, that crazy girl from the top floor"
 I heard her words but I did not mind them. Humans will be humans. What do they know.
 I walked right under her window. She lived on the second floor of my building and always kept watch on who came in and who came out. She had nothing better to do.
 Many times I've felt her gaze on my back as I walked away late in the evening - barefoot and dressed in nothing but a light white dress, even in the coldest winter. And each time a part of her came with me although she was unaware of it.
 Again I walked slowly towards the woods. The moon hidden behind thick clouds. The wind - cold and sharp like a silver blade. And again - a part of the woman from the second floor came with me.
 She was old.
 - It's time - I told her when I got to my sacred place. - You have to move on.
 As I said this the woman appeared in front of me. A ghost.
 - What is going on? How did I get here? - she asked, a bit hysterical.
 - You are dead. It's your time. I will lead you to the next world.
 Her eyes widened as she saw my wings spread from my back and shine in the dark of the forest like a wildfire. I took her hand and smiled. Humans will be humans. They would never believe that a crazy girl could fly.