Thursday, 1 March 2012

"Moments" part 2

  It was a warm, sunny day. I can't recall what month it was but it doesn't really matter.
  I was leaving for school and like many times I had just lit a cigarette. A man saw me and stopped me. He was about fifty years old I think and he had a kind expression to his face. He asked if I could give him a cigarette. It was my last one but I was going to buy a knew pack anyways so I gave it to him.
  Seeing that it was my last cigarette he took out his own, almost completely full pack and gave me one of his. Then he said that there were very few people left who would do like me, who would share with someone they don't know the last thing they have, no matter if it was a cigarette or money or food.
  He than smiled and said.
"I wish you have a wonderful, happy life".
He said it so sincerely that I was left speechless for a few moments in which he wished me a good day and left. All I managed was "Thank you!"
  I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day and even now, when I remember this I can't help but smile again.

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