Thursday, 27 June 2013

When a night is beautiful...

There was a soft voice calling from afar: “Wake up!”
        And She did, just to hear the storm coming. The rain slowly picked up just as She was opening Her eyes. And then the first lightning struck and the thunder echoed in Her heart. The wind gently moaned and so did She.
            She curled up making a cute animal like noise then uncurled clawing gently at the sheets. There was a smothered laugh and a warm hand pulled her in for a hug. She smiled. She liked the feeling of naked skin against Hers.
                                      She fell asleep listening to the sounds of the storm….
    When the alarm went off I woke up. And so did She. She had to tell me all about the stormy night. We lay with our eyes closed for a while and then we got up to make coffee.
    Later, with a hot cup in one hand and a cigarette in the other we looked at the world outside. The air was cool and fresh from the rain; we had a jazzy soundtrack to our morning. She smiled happily and our heart fluttered like that of a little child on the first day of summer vacation waiting to run out and play. Neither one of us knew why the night and the morning were so magical and beautiful but we were glad.
                            We heard the door open behind us. She fell asleep again….

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